Life Time Achievement Award for Research and Services to the IMS:
Professor N.K.Thakare, former Professor of Mathematics at SP University, Pune, has been awarded the Life Time Achievement Award -2019 of the Indian Mathematical Society for his outstanding services to the Society and his research contributions in mathematics.

This award is given to a mathematician who has rendered highly dedicated service to the cause of the IMS in various capacities besides research contributions in his/her area of mathematics.

The Selection Committee for this award consisted of all the members of the Academic Programme Committee-2019 of the IMS.

A.K.Agarwal Award:
G.K.Viswanadham of the Indian Institute of Education and Research, Berhampur, Odissa has been Selected for the A.K.Agarwal Award-2019 of the IMS for his paper entitled "Products of weighted multiple zeta functions" published in the Bulletin des Sciences, Mathematiques Vol.147 (2018), 26--39.

This Award is given every year to a young mathematician for the best paper among the papers received by the IMS until a fixed date and published in the areas amongst Number Theory, Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics, Analysis or Algebra .

The selection committee for the Award 2019 consisted of
M.Ram Murty,
S.D.Adhikari, and
B. Ramakrishnan.

Satish Bhatnagar Award:
C. Montelle and K. Ramasubramanian have been jointly selected for the Satish Bhatanagar Award 2019 of the IMS for their paper entitled “Determining the Sine of One degree in the Sarvsidhantraja of Nityanda” published in SCIAMVS 19 (2018), 1--52.

This award is given to any mathematician or jointly to two mathematicians who has or have published the best paper among the papers received or nominated for this award in the field of History of Mathematics in India. The selection committee for the 2019 award consisted of
M.D.Srinivas, and

A.M. mathai Award:
No applications were received by the General Secretary, IMS until June 30, 2019 for the A.M.Mathai Award-2019 for the best paper published in applicable mathematics. Therefore, this Award is not given to any one during this year.
Prof. Satya Deo, General Secretary, IMS.