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CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 84, Nos. 1 - 2, January-June (2015):
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. S. G. Dani Prizes, recognitions and promotion of mathematics 01-06
2. S. G. Dani Dynamics of Numbers 07-21
3. Ritabrata Munshi On some recent applications of circle method 23-38
4. Ajit Iqbal Singh How permutations, partitions, projective representations
and positive maps entangle well for quantum information theory
5. Pablo Andres Panzone A generating function related to Pi. 53-56
6. Jay Praksh Singh On a type of Sasakian manifolds admitting a quarter symmetric
non-metric connection
7. Amrik Singh Nimbran Deriving Forsyth-Glaisher type series for 1/Pi and catalan's constant by an elementary method. 69-86
8. Dinesh Kumar On escaping sets of some families of entire functions and
Dynamics of composite entire functions.
9. Priti Singh and
Shiv Datt Kumar
Existence of reduction of ideals over semi-local rings. 95-104
10. Manjil P. Saikia A study of the Crank function in Ramanujan's lost notebook. 1o5-121
11. Josef Bukac Integrability of continuous functions. 123-127
12. M. Ram Murty and
Kannappan Sampath
very simple proof of Stirlings formula 129- 133
13. Manisha Kulkarni
and B. Sury
Diophantine equations of the form f(x) = g(y) - an exposition. 135-155
14. -- Problem Section 157-161
CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 83, Nos. 1 - 4, (2014):
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. Geetha S. Rao The Universal appeal of Mathematics. 01-04
2. Geetha S. Rao. A new tool in approximation theory. 05-20
3. - Abstracts of the Papers submitted for
presentation at the 79th Annual
Conference of the Indian Mathematical
Society held at the Rajagiri School of Engineering,
Rajagiri Valley, Kakkanad - 221 005, , Dist. Ernakulam,
Cochin, Kerala, during January 28 - 31, 2013
4. D. V. Pai. Viscosity approximation methods for minimization
and fixed points problems-a relook.
5. M. M. Shikare. Generalizations of some graph-theoretic results to matroids. 73-86
6. Ajay Kumar From Fourier series to harmonic analysis on locally compact groups 87-107
7. Satya Deo Topological Combinatorics - The Kneser conjecture. 109-124
8. Om P. Ahuja. Recent advances inthe theory of harmonic
univalent mappings in the plane.
9. Amrik Singh
Generalized Wallis-Euler products and new infiniteproducts for Pi. 155-164
10. Saurabh Manro A common fixed point theorem for weakly compactible mappings
via an implicit relation in an intuitionistic fuzzy metric space.
11. Chun Wang and
Li-Na Zeng
Some properties for generalized Cauchy numbers of two kinds. 177-184
12. Fahed Zulfeqarr. Construction of a p-Sylow subgroup in Sn. 185- 190
13. Raghavendra G.
General formulas for removing the second andthird term
in a polynomial equation of any degree.
14. Susil Kumar Jena On A^4 + nB^3 + C^2 = D^4. 201-203
15. R. N. Singh,
M. K. Pandey and
S. K. Pandey
On Kenmotsu Manifolds. 205- 219
16. Alexandre Laugier
Manjil P. Saikia
A characterization of a prome p from the binomial coefficient C(n, p). 221-227
17. K. N. Darji On the vector valued functions of
bounded variation in twovariables.
18. Segio R. Lopez-permouth. Book-Review : Cyclic modules and structure of the rings. 239-241
19. - Report on IMS Sponsored Lecturs. 243
20. Vinod Kumar P. B. 79th IMS Conference : A Brief report. 245-249
CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 82, Nos. 1 - 4, (2013):
(Dedicated to Prof. V. M. Shah in honour of his long and outstanding services to the Indian Mathematical Society)
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. J. R. Patadia Professor V. M. Shah - An Academician
with multifaceted personality.
2. N. K. Thakare. Professor V. M. Shah : Soul of IMS. 09-11
3. Satya Deo. Professor V. M. Shah : in honour of his retirement
from the Indian Mathematical Society.
4. Huzoor H. Khan. Importance of Mathematics at School level. 17-21
5. Huzoor H. Khan. Growth and polynomial approximation
of entire function: A brief survey.
6. - Abstracts of the Papers submitted for
presentation at the 78th Annual
Conference of the Indian Mathematical
Society held at Banaras Hindu University,
Varanasi - 221 005, during January 22 - 25, 2013
7. H. P. Dikshit. Wachspress, mean value and General
Barycentric coordinates and their mapping properties.
83- 101
8. Basudeb Datta. Triangulations of projective spaces. 103-116
9. B. N. Waphare Dismantlability and Reducibility
in discrete structures.
10. J. K. Verma. R. P. Stanley's solution of Anand-Dumir-Gupta
conjectures about magic squares.
11. R. G. Vyas. Convolution function of several
variables with p(n) bounded variation.
12. Suneel Kumar and
Sunny Chauhan.
Fixed points of expansion mappings
in Menger spaces using weak compatibility.
157- 164
13. Arpad Szaz An easy to remember economic approach
to the Riccati differential equation.
14. Amrik Singh Nimbran. Euler's constant, harmonic series
and related infinite sums.
15. Arindam Sengupta. The Range of Bernoulli probabilities. 183- 189
16. A. Padmanabh Reddy
and N. M. Bujurke.
Biorthogonal wavelets based
preconditioners for sparse linear systems.
17. Sanjib Kumar Datta,
Tanmay Biswas and
Ritam Biswas.
Comparative growth properties of composite
entire functions in the light of
their relative orders.
18. Pradip Majhi. On some invariant submanifolds of Kenmotsu manifolds. 217-231
19. S. K. Vaidya and
D. D. Bantwa
Radio number for linear Cacti. 233-245
20. S. S. Khare. On Abel Prize 2011 to John Willard Milnore :
A brief discription of his significant work.
21. - 78th IMS Conference : A Brief report. 281-286

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 81, Nos. 1 - 4, (2012):
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. P. K. Banerji Unsinkable mathematics that is sinking. 01-06
2. P. K. Banerji. Three most generalized integrals of the 20th Century. 07-18
3. - Abstracts of Papers submitted for presentation
at the 77th Annual Conference of the Indian
Mathematical Society held at Swami Ramanand Teerth
Marathwada University,Vishnupuri, Nanded - 431 606 (MS),
during December 27 - 30, 2011.
4. Ajai Choudhry. Some Diophantine problems concerning perfect powers of integers. 57- 76
5. S. S. Khare. Span of specific manifolds. 77-99
6. B. Ramakrishnan Modular forms of half-integral weight. 101-114
7. Geetha S. Rao Tools and techniques in approximation theory. 115-133
8. Gadadhar Misra. Differentiation, homogeneous operators and
matrix valued co-cycles for Mobius group.
9. Ritu Khanna Reduction and summation formulae for basic and
polybasic hypergeometric series of two variables.
145- 149
10. Susil Kumar Jena Method of infinite ascent applied on mA^3 +nB^3 = 3C^2. 151-160
11. S. K. Kango. Thermal instability in Walters' B'elastico-viscous
fluid in porous medium in hydromagnetics.
12. S. Ray and
A. Garai.
The Laplace derivative. 171- 175
13. S. Ray and
A. Garai.
The Laplace derivative II 177-184
14. Ajai Choudhry. Triads of integers with equal sums and equal products. 185-188
15. T. S. S. R. K. Rao. Length inequalities for vectors in normed linear spaces. 189-198
16. Talal Ali Al-Hawary Generalized Matroids. 199-204
17. R. N. Singh and
Shravan K. Pandey.
On generalized Sasakian-space- forms. 205-213
18. Sumit Kumar
Upadhyay and
Shiv Datt Kumar
Existence of a unique group of finite order. 215-218
19. Mihai Turinici. Nieto-Lopez theorems in ordered metric spaces. 219-229
20. - Report on I. M. S. Sponsored Lecture. 231-232
21. N. K. Thakare. Book-Review 233-234
22. S. B. Nimse 77th IMS Conference : A brief report. 235-240

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 80, Nos. 1 - 4, (2011):
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. R. Sridharan On the division by 5 of periods of elliptic functions
and the Existence of an outer automorphism of S6.
2. Shiva Shankar. A question of Models. 13-20
3. Mahan Mj. Geometry and Dynamics of Kleinian groups. 21-29
4. Subhash J.
C*-algebras, Uniform Banach Algebras and
a functional analytic meta theorem.
31- 66
5. V. Suresh. A Hasse Principle for quadratic form. 67-72
6. Amit Kulshrestha
and Anupam Singh
Real elements and Schur indices of a group. 73-84
7. M. M. Shikare The element splitting operation for graphs, Binary Matroids
and its applications.
8. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan,
Subuhi Khan
and Rehana Khan.
Modified Hermite polynomials of several variables. 91-97
9. Bhanu Gupta and
Sanjay K. Srivastava.
Stability and boundedness of impulsive delay differential systems. 99-113
10. Sanjay Tripathi A note on an extension of absolute Riesz summability factors
of an infinite series and its applications.
11. Dhruwa Narain,
Sunil Kumar
Yadav and
Sudhir Kumar
On Lorentzian Para-Sasakian manifolds. 123-129
12. D. S. Palimkar. Existence theory of first order random differential inclusion. 131- 140
13. Vanita Jain Certain classes of univalent functions having negative coefficients
with respect to conjugate and symmetric conjugate points.
14. Denis Nemzer. Extending the Laplace Transforms II: convergence. 149-155
15. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan,
Subuhi Khan
and Rehana Khan.
Application of fractional calculus to obtain generating functions. 157-163
16. K. R. Vasuki
and C. Chamaraju
A simple proof of W. N. Baily's 2psi2 Bilateral
basic hypergepmetric series transformation formula.
17. S. P. Malgonde. Distributional generalized modified Struve transform. 171-182
18. Amrik Singh
Triangular squares : some new identities. 183-200
19. T. D. Narang On proximality pairs. 201-208
20. S. Arumugam
and B. Vasanthi.
Graph theoretical models for social networks - A brief survey. 209-229
21. A. K. Shukla 76th IMS Conference : A brief report 231-237
22. - Report on IMS sponsored Lectures. 238
23. Fellow IMS members
of 1926.
Address to V. Ramaswami Aiyar - the Founder Father of the Society : 239-242
24. - Genesis of Founding of the Society by
V. Ramaswami Aiyar in his Presidential Address of 1926
25 - The List of Twenty Founding Members of
the Indian Mathematical Society along with the first
original letter by V. Ramaswami Aiyar to colleagues.

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 79, Nos. 1 - 4, (2010):
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. R. Sridharan An Encomium of Hermann Weyl. 01-11
2. - Abstracts of the Papers submitted for presentation at the 76th Annual Conference
of the Indian Mathematical Society held at the Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute
of Technology, Surat - 395 005, Gujarat, during December 27-30, 2010
3. Girija Jayaraman Mathematical Challanges in Modelling Cardovascular flows and associated Clinical proceedures. 61-76
4. Ravi Kulkarni Parametrization Problems and spaces of Geometric Objects. 77-108
5. S. D. Adhikari,
M. N. Chintamani
and B. K. Moriya
The Cauchy-Davenport Theorem: Various proofs and some early Generalizations. 109-116
6. B. Ramkrishnan On representation of integers as sums of Two, Three and Four squares. 117-141
7. A. K. Goyal Compatible mappings and common fixed point. 143-151
8. S. Uma, R. Balakrishnan
and T. Tamizh Chelvam
Equi Commutative Near Rings Analytic Functions. 153-162
9. T. D. Narang and
Some Characterizations of Suns in terms of fixed points in Linear Metric Spaces. 163-170
10. Amrik Singh Nimbran On the derivation of Machin-like Arctangent identities for computing Pi. 171-186
11. Susil Kumar Jena Method of Infine Ascent applied on mA^3 + n B^3 = C^2. 187-192
12. Sarjoo Prasad Yadav. Approximation by Linear Method involving Jacobi polynomials. 193-198
13. R. K. Singh, P. Singh
and V. K. Pandey
Some concrete examples of Co-semigroups of operators and their properties. 199-218
14. Dipta Shyamal Mallick. On the first case of Fermat's Last Theorem. 219-221
15. K.- L. Tseng, K.- C. Hsu,
S. S. Dragomir and
G.- S. Yang
Some weighted generalization of Discrete Opial-type inequalities. 223-229
16. R. G. Vyas On absolute convergence of Fourier series. 231-235
17. S. J. Bhatt, P. A. Dabhi
and Krunal Kachhia.
Absolutely Differentiable functions and functions of Bounded Differential Variation. 237-251
18. - Report on IMS Sponsored Lectures 253

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 78, Nos. 1 - 4, (2009):
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. Peeyush Chandra Mathematics education in India : some Observations and Concerns. 01-05
2. Peeyush Chandra Mathematical Modelling of HIV Dynamics : In Vivo. 07-27
3. - Abstracts of Papers submitted for presentation at the Platinum Jubilee
75th Annual Conference of the Indian Mathematical Society held at the Kalasalingam University, Anand Nagar, Krishnankoil - 626 190 during December 27-30, 2009
29 - 67
4. M. S. Chaudhary Transform Analysis and Distribution Spaces. 69-109
5. A. M. Mathai Random Geometrical Configuration and Random Volumes. 111- 125
6. S. Sundar and Lemi Guta Navier-Stokes-Brinkman Model for Numerical Simulation of Free Surface Flows 127-143
7. N. S. Narasimha Sastry Invariants of Incidence Matrices. 145-162
8. J. Jeba Jesintha and G. Sethuraman A new family Graceful Rooted Trees. 163- 170
09. Susheel Chandra and
A. K. Mishra
A note on Radius of Starlikeness of Bounded Analytic Functions. 171-175
10. B. Basavangoud and
Kirthi Mirajkar
On Plick Graphs with Point-Coarseness Number One. 177-185
11. K. G. Bhat,
K. Ramachandra
and P. G. Vaidya
An Introduction to Trigonometry (A new Outlook) 187-207
12. B. K. Lahiri and
Pratulananda Das
Porocity of the Two Ratio Cantor Set. 209-211
13. Anand P. Singh and
Kulwant Singh
On Fatou Components of certain compositions of Entire Functions. 213-218
14. S. S. Rana, M. Dube
and S. Sanyal
Convergence of Deficient Cubic Spline Interpolation. 219-225
15. Ajay Choudhry Some Exponential Diophantine Equations. 227-232
16. Susil Kumar Jena Method of Infinite Ascent applied on A^4 + or - nB^2 = C^3. 233-238
17. S. Arumugam Platinum Jubilee 75th IMS Conference - A brief Report 239-244
18. - Report on IMS Sponsored Lectures 245-246

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 77, Nos. 1 - 4, (2008):
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. M. A. Pathan Professor R. P. Agarwal (1925-2008) 01-08
2. N. K. Thakare Professor R. P. Agarwal : A RATAN (JEWEL) IN MATHEMATICS 09-11
3. A. K. Agarwal The Importance of Mathematics 13 - 18
4. A. K. Agarwal Ramanujan's Contributions and some recent advances in the Theory of Partitions 19-35
5. - Abstracts of Papers presented at the 74th Annual Conference of the
Indian Mathematical Society held at the University of Allahabad, Allahabad during December 27-30, 2008
6. S. G. Dani On some large subsets of Euclidean spaces involved in
Geometry, Dynamics and Diophantine Approximation
7. M. Ram Murty Transcendental Numbers and zeta functions 87-101
8. G. S. Srivastava Entire function extensions of Continuous functions : A brief survey 103- 117
09. S. Arumugam Coloring and Domination in Graphs 119-129
10. S. D. Adhikari The relation between two combinatorial group invariants : History and Ramifications 131-143
11. Siddhartha Gadgil Orders on manifolds and Surgery 145-159
12. G. S. Saluja Random Fixed Point of Three-Step Random iterative process
with errors for Asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive random Operator
13. Mridula Garg and
Tripati Gupta
On certain new summation Formula for Fox H-Function 177-181
14. B. S. K. R. Somayajulu
and Kadambini Kar
Some new properties of Prime Powers 183-192
15. T. S. Nanjundiah The nowhere differentiable continuous functions of Weierstrass and Van Der Waerden 193-196
16. Aribindi Satyanarayan Rao On the existence of a unique almost periodic solution of
a non-linear Abstract Differential Equation
17. Dragu Ananasiu and
Dennis Nemzer
Extending the Laplace Transform 203-212
18. Ralph Chill Three variations on Newton's method 213-229
19. Akhilesh Prasad Hankel Transform on a Gevrey Space 231 - 238
20. Susil Kumar Jena Method of Infinite Ascent applied on mA^6 + nB^3 = C^2 239-246
21. V. A. Hiremath and
S. S. Gramopadhye
Dualization of Cyclic Purity 247-255
22. Ramji Lal 74th IMS Conference - A brief Report 257-263
23. - Report on IMS Sponsored Lectures 265-270

CONTENT of The Special Centenary Volume (2007) of The Mathematics Student. :
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. Nayandeep Deka Baruah,
Bruce Berndt and
Heng Huat Chan
Ramanujan's series for 1/pi : a survey. 01-24
2. George E. Andrews The theory of compositions IV : Multicompositions. 25-31
3. V. S. Varadarajan Unitary representations of super Lie groups and some applications. 33 - 57
4. M. S. Raghunathan Discrete subgroups of Lie groups. 59-70
5. S. P. Dutta A connection between two sets of conjectures. 71-80
6. K. Varadarajan Formal trianglular matrix rings and modules over them - a survey 81-99
7. Indranil Biswas Notes on holomorphic principal bundles over a compact Kahler manifold. 101-112
8. Sudhir Ghorpade and
Balnohan V. Limaye
Sylvester's minorant criterion, Lagrange-Beltrami identity
and nonnegative definiteness.
9. Satya Deo Cohomology theories best suited for algebraic dimension theories Applications. 121-134
10. T. N. Shorey Theorems of Sylvester and Schur. 135-145
11. Rahul Roy Covering of space by random sets. 147-154
12. Ramaiyengar Sridharan
and Raja Sridharan
A remarkable proof of Gordon on the reduction of
the general quintic to Brioschi normal form.
13. A. S. Gupta Deterministic chaos. 169-176
14. Murali K. Srinivasan Some problems motivated by the notion of threshold graphs 177-187
15. S. Thangavelu Invariant Hilbert spaces of holomorphic functions 189-203
16. J. K. Verma Hilbert coefficients and depth of the associated graded ring of an ideal 205-228
17. R. Sujatha Euler : A life of mathematics. 229-235
18. Raja Sridharan On a certain lemma en-route to the proofs of the nullstellensatz,
the quillen-suslin theorem and Forster's conjecture
19. S. K. Tomar Elastic wave propagation in materials with voids - a review 241-260
20. N. M. Bujurke,
Ramesh B. Kudenatti
and V. B. Awati
Analysis of boundary layer equations by the method of Asymptotic function 261-272

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 76, Nos. 1 - 4 (2007):
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. Asha Rani Professor Mahendra Kumar Singal (1932-2006) 01-04
2. Satya Deo Professor M. K. Singal : An organizer par excellence 05-06
3. A. N. Mitra A date with Mahendra Kumar Singal 07 - 08
4. N. K. Thakare Professor M. K. Singal : A tribute 09-11
5. Sunder Lal Professor M. K. Singal : A life devoted to Mathematics 13-15
6. R. S. Pathak and S. R. Verma Jacobi Convolution of Distributions 17-28
7. Aurn M. Vaidya S. Chowla's Contributions to Combinatorics 29-38
8. Prem Narain The Transmission/Disequilibrium Test (TDT) used in Human Genetics 39- 48
09. R. B. Bapat Challanges and Frustrations of being a Mathematician 49-54
10. R. B. Bapat Recent Developments and Open problems in the Theory of Permanents 55-69
11. - Abstracts of Papers presented at the 73rd Annual Conference of the
Indian Mathematical Society held at Pune University, Pune during December 27-30, 2007
12. S. T. Yau The Past, Present and Future of Mathematics in China and India 103-128
13. S. R. S. Varadhan Homogenization 129-136
14. Dinesh Singh Harmonic Analysis on the Unit Circle : A personal Perspective 137-155
15. Daniel Wulbert The Locator Problem 157-162
16. Dinesh S. Thakur Recent Developments in Function Field Arithmetic 163-170
17. Shreeram S. Abhyankar Conics as Axis and Jacobian Problem 171-183
18. K. Varadarajan Anti Hopfian and Anti Co-Hopfian Modules 185-193
19. Ajay Kumar Operator Space Structure on Banach Spaces 195 - 202
20. A. K. Lal, Sukanta Pati
and K. L. Patra
Graph Structure via its Laplacian Matrix 203-216
21. B. Choudhary On Sequence Spaces defined by Orlicz Functions 217-224
22. Kanti Pandey Burgers Equations : Introduction and Applicability 225-236
23. S. K. Vaidya, G. V. Bhodasara,
S. Srivastav and V. J. Kaneria
Cordial Labelling for Two Cycle Related Graphs 237-246
24. Ajai Choudhary On Squares of Squares 247-255
25. Ravi S. Kulkarni Book Review 257-266
26. B N Waphare 73rd I M S Conference - A brief Report 267-272

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 75, Nos. 1 - 4 (2006):
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. N. K. Thakare Prof. H. C. Khare : A Tribute 01-02
2. Satya Deo Rough and Soft : Prof. H. C. Khare 03-05
3. R K Srivastava Prof. H. C. Khare : Selfless Wisdom and Academic Vision Anthromorphized 07 - 08
4. A. K. Das and
S. S. Khare
On Conjectures of H. Singh 09-16
5. Prem Narain Statistical tools in Bioinformatics 17-27
6. I B S Passi Presidential Address (General) 29-35
7. I B S Passi Homological and Combinatorial Methods in Group Rings 37-63
8. - Abstracts of Papers-72nd Annual Conference
of the IMS held at Rani Durgavati University
Jabalpur during December 27-30, 2006
9. P. K. Banerji Unfolding the Concepts of Boehmians and their Applications 87-121
10. Phoolan Prasad P. L. Bhatnagar and the BGK Model 123-136
11. Subhash S. Bhoosnurmath Birth and Development of Hyperbolic Metric and
its impact on the 21st Century Mathematics
12. R. J. Hans-Gill On a Conjecture of Minkowski 159-166
13. R K Singh Invariant Subspace Problem and
Development of Mathematics around it
14. Surindar Mohan Uppal Can Mathematics Bring Peace ? 173-178
15. Sanjay Jain and
Mukesh Kumar
EOQ for Varying Marketing Policies Under
a Replacement Policy for Damaged Items
16. Sanjay Jain,
Adarsh Mangal
and P. R. Parihar
On the Posynomial Linear Plus Fractional Programming Problem 187-196
17. Ajai Choudhary The Algebraic Structure of the set of Integer Solutions
of a quadratic Diophantine Equation
18. T. Phaneendra Orbits relative to Two Self-maps and Common Fixed Point 203-207
19. Hemant Kumar Nashine
and C. L. Dewangan
An Existence Result on KY Fan Best Approximant 209-214
20. Ajai Choudhary Matrix Analogues of the Terry-Escott Problem,
Multigrade Chains and the Equation of Fermat
21. Jyoti Kaushik and
Neeru Kashyap
Weighted Weyl's Spectrum 225-230
22. G S Saluja Fixed Points for an Admissible Class of
Asymptotically Regular semigroup in Banach Spaces
with Weak Uniformly Normal Structure
23. Ajai Choudhary A Diophantine System 239-241
24. Yaakov S. Kupitz and
Horst Martini
Equilibrium under Atmospheric Pressure 243-252
25. T N Venkataramana Book Review 253-256

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 74, Nos. 1 - 4 (2005):
Sr. No. Author Title of the article / Paper Pages
1. P. C. vaidya Professor J. N. Kapur - A Rare Leader 01-02
2. A. M. Vaidya Integer Sided Triangles With One Agle 60 Degree 03-05
3. Prem Narain Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) 07 - 18
4. D. K. Sinha Some Snapshots of Reminiscing Professor J. N. Kapur : A Tribute 19-23
5. Sunder Lal Professor J. N. Kapur : A Multidimensional Mathematician 25-27
6. P. N. Tiwari and
A. R. verma
Professor J. N. Kapur : Promoter of Ethics and Norms of Science 29-35
7. B. K. Sachdeva Professor J. N. Kapur
(Some Personal Reminiscences)
8. L. S. Kothari Professor J. N. Kapur : A Great Teacher and Promoter of Mathematics 39
9. Prem Narain Tribute to Professor J. N. Kapur 41-42
10. Sarva Jit Singh Presidential Address (General) 43-47
11. Sarva Jit Singh Recent Developments in Poroelasticity 49-67
12. - Abstracts of Papers-71st Annual Conference
of the IMS held at I. I. T. Roorkee,
Roorkee during December 26-29, 2005
13. S. Parvathi "Schur Weyl Duality" for a Larger
Class of Algebras
14. Aloke Dey Orthogonal Arrays 145-152
15. Aalok Misra (String Theory Inspired) Excursions into
(Complex)Differential Geometry of some
non-Kahler six-folds and their
exceptional uplifts
16. T K Das On Posets of Certain Classes of Maps 171-181
17. V. Balaji C. S. Seshadri : A Distinguished Mathematician 183-187
18. Ramadas
M. S. Narasimhan : A Distinguished Mathematician 189-191
19. R. Sujatha Parimala Raman : A Distinguished Mathematician 193-197
20. Tikam Singh and
Bhavana soni
Approximation by Generalized
de la Vallee Poussin Operators
21. R. K. Yadav and
S. D. Purohit
On q-Laplace Transforms of Certain
Multiple Basic Hypergeometric Functions
22. S. Arumugam Difference Labelling and Common
Weight Decompositions of Graphs
23. S. Bhargava,
D. D. Somashekara and
Syeda Noor Fathima
A new Transformation for Basic
Bilateral Hyper Geometric Series
24. Ajai Choudhary Some Diophantine Equations
Involving Sixth Powers
25. Sunder Lal and
Vandani Verma
Identity based Strong Designated
Verifier Proxy Signature Scheme
26. Eknath Ghate,
Dipendra Prasad and
Riddhi Shah
Book Reviews 245-249
27. G. S. Srivastava 71st IMS Conference : A Brief Report 251-254
28. - Report on IMS Sponsored Lectures 255-256

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 73, Nos. 1 - 4 (2004):
Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. T. Thrivikraman Traditional Mathematics in India after Bhaskara -
New Approach Needed
2. T. Thrivikraman Topological Systems - A Potentially Productive Approach 03-12
3. - Abstracts of Papers - 70th Annual Conference of IMS
held at J.N.V. University at Jodhpur.
13 - 42
4. S. K. Nimbhorkar Bear*-Rings, Lattice Theory , Graph Theory and Their Interrelationship 43-59
5. Anand P. Singh Advances in the Dynamics of Entire and
Meromorphic Functions
6. V. K. Balchandran Agebraic Topology : Some Historic Perspectives 73-86
7. Chandrasekhar Adiga Sums of Squares and Sums of Triangular Numbers
and their relationship
8. M. A. Sofi Banach Spaces arising as Solutions of Equations
involving Nuclear Operators
9. S. L. Kalla Mathematical Models for Temperature Fields in Oil Strata 109-117
10. G. S. Srivastava Spaces of Entire Functions 119-128
11. M. P. Wasadikar Generalizations of Normal Lattices 129-133
12. dr. S. S. Bhusnurmath Differential Geometric Techniques in Complex Analysis 135-144
13. A. Rao Cocyclic Binary and Non-Binary Codes 145-156
14. M. S. Choudhary Generalized Functions : Different Approaches 157-165
15. P. K. Banerjee
and S. K. Al-Omari
Distributional Struve and Hankel Transformations of Compact Support 167-173
16. B. Basavangoud and
V. R. Kulli
Hamiltonian and Eulerian properties of Plick Graphs 175-181
17. R. K. Yadav and
Balraj Singh
On a set of Basic Polynomials Zn,alpha(x;k,q)
suggested by Basic Laguerre polynomials Ln,alpha(x;q)
18. B.P.Verma Solution of a Problem posed by Fisher and some generalization. 191-192
19. Deshna Loonker and
Distributional Laplace - Hankel Transform by Fractional Integral Operators 193-197
20. S. Bhargava and N. Anitha A Continued Fraction for certain q-Series of Ramanujan 199-404
21. R. D. Giri and
P. B. Bahatkar
On Triangular, Mersener's and Fermat's numbers 205-207
22. S. B. Gaikwad and
M. S. Choudhary
and K. Shivashankara
Abelian Theorem for the Distributional Modified Stieltjes Transform 209-218
23. M. G. Nadkarni Did Cantor sow the seed of Measure and Integral? 219-230
24. Asha Rani Singal Cryptology : A journey from waxed Tablets to Euler's Theorem - I. 231-246
25. B. Choudhary Matrix Transformations and isomorphic structure of Locally Convex FK-Spaces 247-252
26. Saurabh Singal Book Reviews 253-258
27. - News and Announcement 259-260

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 72, Nos. 1 - 4 (2003):
Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. T. Parthasarathy Injectivity of Mappings in Rn 01-04
2. T. Parthasarathy Five Decades of Stochastic Games 05-10
3. - Abstracts of Papers - 69th Annual Conference of IMS
held at University of Lucknow, Lucknow.
11 - 29
4. M. A. Pathan Some Formulas of Ramanujan on Hypergeometric series 31-44
5. B. K. Lahiri Uniformly Normal Structure 45-52
6. S. Sri Bala Jordan Algebras 53-67
7. Rajiv K. Srivastava Bicomplex Numbers : Analysis and Applications 69-87
8. Anand P. Singh Some directions in Complex Dynamics 89-100
9. C. M. Joshi Rogers-Ramanujan Identities : A Historical Overview
and significance of Baily's Transform
10. D. V. Pai Strong Unicity of Order Two in simultaneous approximations 113-121
11. S. P. Arya and
Neeru Jain
Some Weaker form of Fuzzy Weak Continuity 123-131
12. T. N. Sinha On the Diophantine Equation x4 + kx2y2 +y4 = z2 133-137
13. Peter Lindqvist
and Jaak Peetre
p-Arc length of q-Circle 139-145
14. Takeshi Okano A note on Irrationality of Some Numbers 147-148
15. Yaakov S. Kupitz
and Horst Martini
On the Monotonicity of (sinx)/x from the Ancient
to a Modern Point of View
16. Rinu Srivastava and
B.M.L. Srivastava
Identities of I function of One Variable 163-164
17. M. Imdad and
Remarks on Fixed and Coincident points of
Certain Composite Involutions in Banach Spaces
18. M.S.Younis On the Mapping Properties of an Index of the Fourier Transforms
of Lipschitz Functions on Certain Motion Groups
19. P.K.Banerjee and
Abha Purohit
Integral Transform on Lp-spaces 181-185
20. D. J. Prabhakaran On certain Integral Transforms of Meromorphic Starlike Functions 187-196
21. Devbhadra V. Shah On Triangular, Mersener's and Fermat's numbers 197-199
22. M.S.Mahadev Naika
and K. Shivashankara
Some values for the Ratios of Theta-Functions 201-204
23. D. V. Shah Corrections in the Formula for P5(n) 205-211
24. D. P. Shukla On an orthonormal Set of Polynomials 213-219
25. S.P.Singh and
Lilawati Pal
Certain Transformation Formulae for q-Hypergeometric Series 221-225
26. Rakesh Goel A Method to Calculate the Value of pi 227-232
27. Asha Rani Singal,
Saurabh Singal and
Arun M. Vaidya
Book Reviews 233-249
28. - News and Announcements 250-252

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 71, Nos. 1 - 4 (2002):
Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. P. V. Arunachalam Presidential Address - General 01-03
2. P. V. Arunachalam Mathematics of the Twentieth Century - A Point of View 05-20
3. - Abstracts of Papers - 67th Annual Conference of IMS
held at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Jan 27-30, 2002
21 - 48
4. J. R. Patadia Lacunary Fourier series and Sidon sets 49-71
5. S. P. Singh and
Mahi R. Singh
Fixed Points Theorems and Applications 73-81
6. M. K. Gupta On some Weak Separation Axioms 83-89
7. Neville Robbins On Modified R-regular Partitions 91-96
8. S. P. Arya Teacher training in India 97-105
9. M. A. Pathan Presidential Address - General 107-110
10. M. A. Pathan Lie Algebraic Analysis of Differential Equations and Special Functions 111-124
11. - Abstracts of Papers - 68th Annual Conference of IMS
held at Shivaji University, Kolhapur, December 20-23, 2002
12. S. G. Deo Trigonometric like Operators in Banach Spaces 149-160
13. L. Radhakrishna The Taxonomy of Mathematics and Einstein 161-169
14. R. C. Srivastava Converging Shock in the Welfare of Mankind 171-186
15. Chandrasekhar Adiga Ramanujan's Continued Fractions and Their Evaluations 187-199
16. S. P. Arya and
Neeru Jain (nee Singal)
Fuzzy Somewhat Continuous functions 201-207
17. M. K. Singal The Indian Mathematical Society : An Overview 209-246
18. - News and Announcements 247-250

CONTENT of The Mathematics Student, Vol. 70, Nos. 1 - 4 (2001):
Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. T. G. Ramamurthy
and M. S. Ganesan
A study on the convergence of Pade approximants for Heine's series-1 01-29
2. S. Ahmad Ali An application of the generalized operators of fractional integration 31-34
3. B. K. Lahiri and
Indrajit Lahiri
Asymptotic normal structure and related coefficient 35-39
4. B. S. Kiranagi Representations of Lie algebra and Lie group bundles 41-54
5. Remy Y. Denis
and S. N. Singh
On generalization of continued fraction of Ramanujan 55-57
6. Rajiv K. Srivastava Inflexion: A typical transformation on the algebra of complex numbers 59-71
7. H. C. Gupta Summing a class of 2F1's 73-77
8. S. Bhargava A two parameter generalization of a cubic modular identity 79-84
9. Ajai Choudhry The system of simultaneous equations $\sum_{i=1}^3 x_i^k=
$\sum_{i=1}^3 y_i^k, k=1, 2 and 5 has no non-trivial solutions in integers
10. P. K. Banerji and
G. M. A. Shenan
Some results involving fractional integral operators extended
to certain class of multivalent functions
11. R. N. Bhaumik Role of regular $G_\delta$-subsets in set theoretical topology 99-104
12. Ratna Dev Sarma,
A. Sharfuddin and
Charanjeet Kaur
Application of fuzzy nets and fuzzy filters 105-113
13. R. K. Saraf, M. Khanna
and S. K. Gupta
Pairwise fuzzy $\alpha$-continupus mappings 115-120
14. S. Bhargava A series for the quintuple product in the context of
Ramanujan's remarkable formula
15. Praveen Kumar Srivastava,
N. P. S. Bava and
Vivek Raich
Common fixed point theorems for three mappings in orbitally
comlete metric spaces
16. Sanjay Kumar Renu Chugh Common fixed point for three mappings
under semi-compatibility condition
17. Ajai Choudhry Triads of cubes with equal sums and equal products 137-143
18. Mithilesh Kumar Singh
and Bishnudeo Sah
Fermat's last theorem for integral triangles 145-148
19. Ajai Choudhry Triads of biquadrates with equal sums and equal products 149-152
20. Rajiv K. Srivastava Certain points in the theory of bicomplex numbers 153-160
21. T. G. Ramamurthy
and M. S. Ganesan
On a derivation of the differential equation for some
hypergeometric functions
22. Rajendra Akerkar Systems of polynomial equations 169-179
23. Ajai Choudhry On a quadratic diophantine equation 181-183
22. Chandrasekhar Adiga
and K. R. Vasuki
On sums of triangular numbers 185-190
23. P. Mathur and S. Datta Degree of convergence in mean of (0,2,3)-interpolation on unit circle 191-198
24. A. K. Agarwal Ramanujan Congurences for n-colour partitions 199-204
25. Ajai Choudhry On representing 1 as the sum or difference of kth power of integers. 205-208
26. R. C. Agrawal
and Amresh Kumar
On characterization of substracive abelian loops. 209-213
27. Ajai Choudhry On the number of representations of an integer as a sum of
four integral 5th powers.
28. Mashhoor Refai A problem on graded Noetherian modules. 219-225
29. A. K. Mirmostafaee Fragmentability and joint continuity. 227-230
30. S. P. Arya and
Neeru Singal
Fuzzy subweakly continuous functions. 231-240
31. S. P. Arya and
Neeru Singal
Fuzzy subweakly $\alpha$-continuous functions. 241-246
32. - News and Notices. 247-251