The Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society

The Society began publishing Progress Reports right from 1907 and then the Journal from 1908 (The 1908 and 1909 issues of the Journal are entitled "The Journal of the Indian Mathematical Club").

Since 1933, The Indian Mathematical Society publishes two periodicals

The Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society
( J. Ind. Math. Soc.; JIMS ; the Journal ; ISSN 0019-5839 )


The Mathematics Student
( Math Student ; ISSN 0025-5742 ) ,

both of which are quarterly. The four numbers of the Journal constitute a single volume and it is published in two parts: numbers 1 and 2 (January to June) as one part and numbers 3 and 4 (July to December) as the second part. The four numbers of the Student are published as a single yearly volume.

Only the research papers of high quality are published in the Journal.

Manuscript Submission :

Manuscripts intended for publication in both the periodicals should be submitted online in the LaTeX and pdf file including figures and tables.

For the Journal, manuscripts in the electronic form should be submitted to

Professor Satya Deo, Editor, JIMS.
HRI, Chhatnag Road, Jhusi,
Allahabad – 211 019 (UP), India.
E-mail : ; .

For the Mathematics Student, manuscripts in the electronic form should be submitted to

Prof. J. R. Patadia, Editor, Math Student.
(Department of Mathematics, The M. S. University of Baroda),
E-mail :

Manuscript Style :

Manuscripts (including bibliographies, tables, etc.) should be typed double spaced on A4 size white paper with 1 inch (2.5 cm.) margins on all sides with font size 11 pt., in LaTeX.

While typing in LaTeX, the following Preamble be used as is required of the Press :


Sections should appear in the following order : Title Page, Abstract, Text, Notes and References. Comments or replies to previously published articles should also follow this format with the exception of abstracts.

Title Page: The Title page should include the manuscript title, authors’ names & permanent affiliations and the name, address & e-mail address of the author to whom page proofs and reprints are required to be sent.

Abstract: The following page should include an abstract of not more than 100 words, a list of two to six key words and AMS subject classification (2010).

Text: The text of the manuscript should begin on a new page. The introduction should have heading number 1. Subsequent section headings (including appendices) should be designated by Hindu-Arabic numerals (2,3,…etc.) and subsection headings should be numbered 2.1, 2.2, etc. Figures, tables and displayed equations should be numbered consecutively throughout the text (1, 2,… etc.). Equation numbers should appear flush left in parentheses and running variables for equation (e.g., i =1,2,…, n) flush right in parentheses.

References: Responsibility for the accuracy of bibliographic citations lies entirely with the Authors. References in the text be indicated by number(s) in square brackets in line with the text. Example: “… as mentioned in [2, 8]. Ramanujan [9] obtained the following result …”. In the list, the references should be numbered in the order in which they appear in the text.
Reference to a journal publication:
1. G. Birkhoff, Neutral elements in general lattices,
Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 46 (1940), 702 – 705.
Reference to a book:
1. J. Munkres, Elements of Algebraic Topology,
Addison–Wesley, 1984.

Illustration Style: Originals for illustrations should be sharp and of good contrast. Each Figure and Table should be mentioned in the text and numbered consecutively using Hindu-Arabic numerals. For each Figure and Table, its desired location in the text should be clearly specified. Each Figure and Table must have a caption. Example of proper style for captions : “Figure 1” or “Table 1”. Suggested Figure formats are : TIFF, GIF, EPS, PPT and Postscript. Files should be at least 300 dpi.

Copyright: Copy right of the articles published in the Journal or the Student lies with the Indian Mathematical Society.

Reprints: Authors of the papers printed in the Journal as well as in the Mathematics Student shall be entitled to receive soft copy (PDF file with watermarked ‘Author’s copy”) of the paper published.

There are no page charges for publications in the Journal as well as in the Mathematics Student. However, if author(s) (whose paper is accepted for publication in any of the IMS periodicals) is (are) unable to send the LaTeX file of the accepted paper, then a charge Rs. 100 (US $ 10) per page will be levied for LaTex typesetting charges
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** Henceforth, from the 2012 issue of The Mathematics Student onwards, the Life Members will be given on line access to the Mathematics Student / will be sent on line the soft copy of the Mathematics Student, in electronic form, instead of supplying the hard copy, for their personal use (not for circulation) at their email address registered by the members with the Society (instead of in the physical form)

Those Members who have not registered their e-mail address are requested to register it on line on < >.

It may please be noted that the contents of The Mathematics Student will continue to be available on the Society’s website and a physical copy of The Mathematics Student will continue to be available at the IMS Library (Ramanujan Institute of Advanced Study in Mathematics, Madras University, Chennai) as well as at the Registered Office of the Society (Department of Mathematics, University of Pune, Pune – 422 007) for reference during office hours.

***Life Members with their mailing address in India or the International Life members can subscribe the Journal at Rs.1500/- (US$ 35/-) for their personal use (not for sale/resale)..

Business Correspondence and Payments :

All the business correspondence be addressed to Prof. S. K. Nimbhorkar, Treasurer, IMS; Department of Mathematics, Dr. B. A. M. University, Aurangabad – 431 004 (Maharashtra), India. All the payments are to be made to Prof. S. K. Nimbhorkar, Treasurer, IMS by DD drawn in favour of “The Indian Mathematical Society” payable at Aurangabad (Maharashtra), India.

The following volumes of the Journal are recently published :

NEW SERIES Vol. 81, Nos. 1-2, January - June 2014
(published in January, 2014).

NEW SERIES Special Volume to commemorate
the 125th Birth Anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan and
the National Mathematics Year - 2012.

(published in December, 2013; Guest Editor: A. K. Agarwal).

NEW SERIES Vol. 80, Nos. 3-4, July - December 2013
(published in July, 2013) .

NEW SERIES Vol. 80, Nos. 1-2, January - June 2013
(published in January, 2013).

NEW SERIES Vol. 79, Nos. 1-4, January - December 2012

NEW SERIES Vol. 78, Nos. 1-4, January - December 2011

NEW SERIES Vol. 77, Nos. 1-4, January - December 2010

NEW SERIES Vol. 76, Nos. 1-4, January - December 2009

NEW SERIES Vol. 75, Nos. 1-4, January - December 2008

NEW SERIES The Special Volume on Centenary Year (2007)

NEW SERIES Vol. 74, Nos. 3-4, July-December 2007

NEW SERIES Vol. 74, Nos. 1-2, January-June 2007

NEW SERIES Vol. 73, Nos. 3-4, July-December 2006

NEW SERIES Vol. 73, Nos. 1-2, January - June 2006

NEW SERIES Vol. 72, Nos. 1-4, January - December 2005

NEW SERIES Vol. 71, Nos. 1-4, January - December 2004

NEW SERIES Vol. 70, Nos. 1-4, January - December 2003

Authors can contact the Treasurer Prof. S. K. Nimbhorkar for the pdf file of their article.

The following volume of the Journal is under process :

NEW SERIES Vol. 82, Nos. 3 - 4, July - December 2014

CONTENTS of these published volumes are displayed in the following:

Subscription/purchase Orders can be put at or inquiries in this regard can be mailed to the following address:

Prof. S. K. Nimbhorkar,
Treasurer, IMS .
Department of Mathematics,
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University,
AURANGABAD - – 234 004 (MS), India.
E-mail :

CONTENTS of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 81, Nos. 1-2, January-June, (2014):
(published in January, 2014).

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper poages
1. Abhijit Banerjee and
Sujoy Majumder.
A uniqueness result related to meromorphic functions sharing two sets II. 01-12
2. V. K. Bhardwaj
and Sandeep Gupta.
On the space of theta-conergent sequences. 13-21
3. J. N. Chaudhari
and K. J. Ingale.
On 2-absorbing substractive ideals in semi rings. 23-35
4. V. K. Chaudhary. Matrix transformations on some generalized difference sequence spacing. 37-43
5. S. Chauhan, I. beg
and B. D. Pant.
Impact of (CLRST) property and existance of fixed points using imlicit relations. 45-59
6. K. N. Darji and R. G. Vyas. On two variables functions of bounded p-variation in the mean. 61-66
7. Thomas Ernst. Convergence aspects of q-Appell functions I. 67-77
8. V. K. Jain. Certain interesting implications of Arestov's integral inequalities for polynomials. 79-86
9. Deshna Loonker and P. K. Banerjee. On distributional Abel integral equations for distributional Elzaki transform. 87-96
10. Bruno de Malafosse. Solvability of sequence spaces equations using entire and analytic sequences and applications. 97-114
11. K. B. Mangang. Equicontinuity of the limit functions of a sequence of equicontinuous functions. 115-121
12. Saurabh Mantro,
Sanjay Kumar
and S. S. Bhatia.
Common fixed point theorems for weakly compatible maps satisfying common (E A) like property in intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces using implicit relation. 123-133
13. R. Mohan and
R. Venkateswarlu.
Models for time dependent deterioration, time dependent quadratic demand and salvage value. 135-146
14. Arif Rafiq and
Mohammad Imdad.
Implicit Mann iteration scheme for hemicontractive mappings. 147-153
15. N. K. Sahu,
c. Nahak and
S. Nanda.
Graph convergence and approximation solvability of a class of implicit variational inclusion problems in Banach spaces. 155-172
16. W. T. Sulaiman. Some new application of power increasing sequence. 173-179
17. W. T. Sulaiman. Functional inequalities for incomplete beta function. 181-185
18. Bankteshwar Tiwari. On hyper surfaces of a special semi-c-reducible Finsler space. 187-194
19. Bicheng Yang
and Lokenath Debnath.
On a half-discrete Hilbert-type inequality with a logarithmic kernel. 195-204

CONTENTS of the NEW SERIES Special Volume to commemorate
the 125th Birth Anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan and
the National Mathematics Year - 2012.

(published in December, 2013; Guest Editor: A. K. Agarwal)

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper pages
1. S, D. Adhikari. Schur's theorem in combinatorial number theory: some generalizations. 01-10
2. S. Bhargava. A summary of Bhargava's selected publications related to Ramanujan's work. 11-32
3. Michael D. Hirschhorn My contact with Ramanujan. 33-43
4. Jeremy Lovejoy and Robert Osburn. Mixed mock modular q-series. 45-61
5. A. M. Mathai. Ramanujan's Hypergeometric function with matrix argument. 63-72
6. M. Ram Murty. Ramanujan and the Zeta function. 73-91
7. Neville Robins. Inspired by Ramanujan. 93-96
8. J. A. Sellers. An unexpected congruence Modulo 5 for 4-coloured generalized Frobenius partitions. 97-103

CONTENTS of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 80, Nos. 3 - 4, July - December, (2013):
(published in July, 2013).

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper pages
19. P. Baliarsingh and
S. Dutta.
On the class of new difference sequence spaces. 203-211
20. R. K. Bisht. A common fixed point theorem under a non-Lipschitzian type condition. 213-220
21. Y. M. Borse and
B. N. Waphare
On removable and non-separating even cycles in graphs. 221-234
22. J. N. Chaudhary. 2-absorbing ideals in the semi-ring of non negative integers. 235-241
23. Ajit De. Computation of synthetic seismogram in a burried elliptic
in plane shear dislocation model in an elastic half-space.
24. S. K. Kango and G. C. Rana. Stability of two superposed Rivlin-Erickson viscoelastic fluids
in the presence of suspended particles and variable magnetic field in porous medium.
25. Makoto Minamide. On zeros of the derivative of the modified Selberg zeta function for the modular group. 275-312
26. Shyamapada Modak. Grill-filter space. 313-320
27. N. Pankajam and A. Pushpalatha. Prefilters in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces. 321-328
28. Gauree Shankar and Ravindra. On the hypersurface of a Finsler space with the special (a, b)-metric a+b+(b^(n+1)/a^n). 329-339
29. P. K. Sharma and M. Yamin. Relative Relation modules of SL(2, p) and PSL(2, p) groups. 341-348
30. K. J. Shinde and S. M. Padhye. Comparision theorem for limit point case and limit circle case of singular Sturm-Liouville differential operators. 349-355
31. Baljeet Singh and Renu Sheoran. Propagation of surface waves in an anisotropic two-temperature generalized thermoelastic medium. 357-365
32. Dinesh Singh and Renu Jain. Fractional kinetic equation with a generalized Lauricella confluent hypergeometric function in their kernels. 367-372
33. S. K. Srivastava and Bhanu Gupta. Existence of non-linear fuzzy differential equations with impulses. 373-384
34. W. T. Sulaiman. Absolute summability factors involving quasi-f-power increasing sequences. 385-394
35. Feng-Zhen Zhao. The log-convexity of Cauchy numbers. 395-403

CONTENTS of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 80, Nos. 1 - 2, January - June, (2013):
(published in January, 2013) .

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. Indu Bala. On Cesaro sequence space defined by a modulus function in a seminormed space. 01-09
2. James Camacho Jr.. Outer and inner lattice measures. 11-21
3. Ramesh Chand. Thermal instability of rotating Maxwell visco-elastic fluid with variable gravity in porous medium. 23-31
4. Peter V. Danchev. On weakly w1-p^(w+n)-projective abelian p-groups. 33-46
5. P. Dheena and C. Jenila. Additively and multiplicatively inverse near-semirings. 47-55
6. S. A. Episkoposian and
T. M. Grigorian.
A representations of functions from L1-mu class by series with monotonic coefficients concerning Haar systems. 57-68
7. U. C. Gairola and A. S. Rawat. A fixed point theorem for non-continuous maps satisfying integral type inequality 69-77
8. Said R. Grace, Sandra Pinelas
and Ravi P. Agarwal.
Oscillation criteria for nth order nonlinear dynamic equations on time-scales. 79-85
9. Shyam Lal and Abhishek Mishra. The method of summation (E; 1) (N; pn) and trigonometric approximation of functions in generalized Holder metric. 87-98
10. Lin Li and Shapour Heidarkhani. Multiplicity solutions to a doubly eigenvalue fourth-order equation. 99-110
11. T. D. Narang . On approximative compactness. 111-119
12. Figen Oke . On existence of residual transcendental extensions of valuations on K to K(x1, .... ,xn). 121-125
13. B. D. Pant, M. Abbas
and S. Chauhan.
Coincidences and common fixed points of weakly compatible mappings in Menger spaces. 127-139
14. V. D. Pathak and U. M. Pirzada. Necessary and sufficient optimality conditions for nonlinear unconstrained fuzzy optimization problem. 141-155
15. B. G. Prasad, Rajnishkumar
and Rajshekhar Prasad.
MHD forced convection with laminar pulsating flow in a saturated porous channel. 157-171
16. G. C. Rana and V. Sharma. Stability of stratified Rivlin–Ericksen fluid permeated with suspended particles and uniform horizontal magnetic field in porous medium. 173-182
17. G. S. Saluja. Convergence theorems of finite steps iterative sequences with mean errors for generalized asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings. 183-196
18. Kishan Sharma. A method for the solution of fractional kinetic equations. 197-201

CONTENTS of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 79, Nos. 1 - 4 (2012):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. R. K. Bisht and R. U. Joshi. Common fixed point theorems of weakly reciprocally continuous maps. 01 - 12
2. A. Boussejra and
Fouzia El Wassouli.
Characterization of the LP -range of the poisson transform in the bounded domain of type IV. 13 - 23
3. J. N. Chaudhari and
D. R. Bonde.
A note on quotient semimodules over semirings. 25 - 31
4. J. N. Chaudhari and
K. J. Ingale
A note on ideals in the semiring Z+0. 33- 39
5. L. John and
A. N. Padma Kumari.
Semigroup theoretic study of Cayley graphs of Rees matrix semigroups. 41- 54
6. Vinayak Joshi. A note on balanced lattices. 55-60
7. Vinayak Joshi and
B. N. Waphare.
On characterizations of strong posets. 61-71
8. S. S. Khare. Span of the wall manifolds. 73-80
9. Sanjay Kumar. Common fixed points for weakly compatible maps along with property (E.A.). 81-95
10. Tongxing Li, Ravi P. Agarwal
and Martin Bohner.
Some oscillation results for secondorder neutral differential equations. 97 - 106
11. Anjan Mukherjee and
Subrata Bhowmik.
Norm and operators on partial groupoids. 107-120
12. Mamoru Nunokawa, Neslihan Uyanik,
Shigeyoshi Owa, Hitoshi Saitoh
and H. M. Srivastava.
New condition for univalence of certain analytic functions. 121-125
13. B. D. Pant, S. Chauhan and B. Fisher. Fixed point theorems for families of occasionally weakly compatible mappings. 127 - 138
14. Pulak Sahoo. Uniqueness theorem for nonlinear differential polynomials sharing a small function 139 - 152
15. S. H. Rasouli and G. A. Afrouzi. A note on the existence of positive solution for a class of nonlinear Laplacian system with multiple parameters and sign-changing weight. 153 - 159
16. T. Ram Reddy and
D. Vamshee Krishna.
Hankel determinant for starlike and convex functions with respect to symmetric points. 161- 171
17. S. K. Sharma and Renu Jain Lie theoretic origin of basic analogue of Meijer’s g-function. 173-183
18. W. T. Sulaiman. Extensions of Steffensen’s q-inequality. 185-191
19. W. T. Sulaiman. Quasi-power increasing sequences for generalized absolute summability. 193-200
20. Bankteshwar Tiwari. On Landsberg spaces with some generalised T'-conditions. 201-208
21. M. Velrajan. Fuzzy substructures. 209-218
22. R. G. Vyas and
K. N. Darji.
On multiple Walsh Fourier coefficients. 219 - 228

CONTENTS of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 78, Nos. 1 - 4 (2011):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. Varghese Abraham. Independence in hypergraphs. 01 - 07
2. V. H. Badshah and
Yogita R. Sharma.
Fixed point theorem in orbitally complete Hausdorff uniform space and hyperspace. 09 - 13
3. A. Basu, P. K. Saha
and M. Sen.
Further characterizations of interval tournaments. 15 - 26
4. R. Y. Denis, S. N. Singh
and S. P. Singh
On certain q-series identitites. 27- 34
5. M. Dube and S. Sanyal. Shape preserving G^2-rational cubic trigonometric spline. 35-43
6. Said R. Grace, Ravi P. Agarwal
and Donal O'regan.
Oscillation criteria via inequalities for second order dynamic inclusions. 45-52
7. R. S. Indu and L. John. Principal ideal graphs of full transformation semigroup 53-57
8. V. K. Jain. Generalization of a result involving maximum moduli of self-inversive polynomial and its derivative. 59-64
9. S. K. Kango, Vikram Singh
and G. C. Rana.
Thermosolutal instability in Walter's B'fluid in the presence of Hall currents in porous medium in hydromagnetics. 65-77
10. D. R. Kuiry. On Hartman-and-neutral-point type MHD flow in a duct. 79 - 85
11. Arun Kumar and V. N. Jha. Error bounds of quartic spline interpolation. 87-92
12. Shyam Lal. On the approximation of function f(x, y) belonging to Lipschitz class by matrix summability method of double Fourier series. 93-101
13. Mursaleen and
S. A. Mohiuddin.
Absolute sigma-convergence and matrix transformations for double sequences. 103 - 115
14. Mursaleen and
S. A. Mohiuddin.
Banach limit and some new spces of double sequences II 117 - 130
15. T. D. Narang and
S. Chandok.
On continuity of the best approximation map and fixed point theorems. 131 - 136
16. Manjil P. Saikia and Jure Vogrinc. Binomial symbols and Prime modulli. 137- 143
17. M. M. Shikare, G. Azadi
and B. N. Waphare
Generalized splitting operation for binary matroids and its applications. 145-154
18. Seema Rani, Inderjit Singh
and Pankaj Kumar.
Quadratic residues codes of prime power length over Z4. 155-161
19. S. H. Rasouli
and G. A. Afrouzi.
On the existence, nonexistence and uniqueness of positive weak solutions for nonlinear multiparameter elliptic systems involving the (p, q)-Laplacian. 163-172
20. Gurucharan Singh Saluja. Strong convergence theorems for asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive type mappings in convex metric spaces. 173-184
21. W. T. Sulaiman. New kinds of q-integral inequalities. 185-192
22. Kuei-Lin Tseng, Ming-In Ho,
Hui-Cheng Tsai and Sever S. Dragomir.
Some Refinements of Fejer's inequality. 193 - 206
23. Mihai Turinici Ran-Reurings Theorems in ordered metric spaces. 207 - 214
24. R. G. Vyas. A note on functions of p(n)-lemda-bounded variation. 215 - 220

CONTENTS of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 77, Nos. 1 - 4 (2010):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. S. K. Bhambri and
M. K. Dubey.
On Commutative Diagrams of semimodules and k-projective semimodules. 01 - 12
2. Sunny Chauhan and
B. D. Pant.
Common Fixed Point Theorems for occassionally weakly
compatible mappings using implicit relation.
13 - 21
3. Renu Chugh and Anju Rani Fixed Points for weakly compatible maps in intuitionistic
Fuzzy Metric paces through conditions of integral type.
23 - 36
4. G. Das, B. K. Ray
and K. M. Sahu
Almost convergence of Conjugate series. 37- 45
5. Remy Y. Dennis, S. N. Singh
and S. P. Singh
On certain Special transformation involving basic hypergeometric functions. 47-55
6. Yun Gao and Jining Gao. Some sufficient conditions of a given series with rational terms
converging to on irrational number or a transcendental number.
7. Hisatoshi Ikai. An explicit formula for Caley - Lipschitz Transformations 67-76
8. Sanjeev Kumar, Veena Sharma
Kamal Kishore.
Magnatogravitational instability of a thermally conducting rotating Rivlin-Erickson fluid with hall current. 77-88
9. Padma Murali and Rajiv Kumar. A Mathematical Model of Microbial growth in a chemostate. 89-116
10. Ramesh Kumar Muthumalai. On some definite integrals connecting with certain infinite series. 117 - 128
11. Dhruwa Narain, Sunil Yadav
and Ajai Srivastava.
On semi parallel and weyl - semi parallel LP - Sasakian Hypersurfaces of Kahler manifolds. 129-139
12. D. Pandey, Kamesh Kumar
and M. K. Sharma.
A diagnostic decision model based on vague sets. 141-157
13. R. Rangarajan and H. Muneer Basha. Numerical-analytic Methods for nonlinear diffusion type differential equations of heat transfer. 159-166
14. Ch. Purnachandra Rao. Optimality in non-smooth multiobjective fractional programming with (p, B)-invexity and its generalizations. 167-178
15. J. P. Sharma, D. P. Jayapandian,
Shalini and Sanish Thomas.
Transformations of the Equations of Equilibrium for isothermal plane-symmetric configuration. 179-185
16. W. T. Sulaiman. A note on several new integral inequalities. 187-193
17. S. K. Sunanda, C. Nahak
and S. Nanda.
A new generalization of Hardy-Hilbert's inequality. 195-206
18. Sandeep Kumar Tewari
and Dinesh Kumar Kachhara.
Degree of Approximation by Norlund summability means of laguerre series. 207-213
19. M. P. Wasadikar and S. K. Nimbhorkar. On graphs derived from posets. 215-222

CONTENTS of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 76, Nos. 1 - 4 (2009):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. S. C. Arora, J. K. Kohli
and Durgesh Kumar.
Common Fixed Point Theorems for Weakly compatible mappings
defined on Uniform spaces.
01 - 10
2. S. P. Bhatta and H. S. Ramananda. A note on Modular pairs and orthomodularity in Posets 11 - 18
3. T. Boni, Diabate Nabongo
and Roger B. Seryz
Quenching time of the solution of a semilinear heat equation in a large domain. 19 - 29
4. Y. M. Borse and B. N. Waphare On removable cycles in connected graphs. 31-46
5. Namita Dasl The Berezin Transform of Bounded Linear Operators. 47-60
6. Vishnu Gupta and J. N. Chaudhari. On some regularity in semirings. 61-68
7. V. A. Hiremath and Poonam M. Shanbhag. On Wnil-Injectivity. 69-73
8. Arun Kumar and Karun Lata Shukla. Comparision of some Totally stronger Matrix Methods. 75-81
9. Sanjay Kumar. Common Fixed Points on different variants of
R-Weak Commutativity mappings in Fuzzy Metric Spaces.
10. Suneel Kumar. Common Fixed Point Theorems in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric spaces
using property (E. A)
93 - 104
11. R. Murugesu and S. Suguna Nonlocal Cauchy Problem for fractional nonlinear Integrodifferential equations. 105-112
12. S. Nanda. A nonlinear complementarity problem in semi-inner-product space. 113-117
13. R. P. Pant, D. Arora
and R. K. Bisht.
Induced Metrics and comparision of contraction mappings.. 119-128
14. M. Rangamma, G. Mallikarjun Reddy
and P. Srikantha Rao.
Common Fixed Point Theorems for Six self mappings in Fuzzy
Metric Spaces and under compatibility of Type (beta).
15. R. N. Rath, P. P. Mishra
and L. N. Padhy.
Bounded Oscillations and Convergence of Solutions in a
neutral Differential Equation with Oscillating coefficients.
16. S. K. Sharma and Renu Jain. On Symmetry Operators and Canonical Equations for
basic analogue of Meijer's G-Function.
17. W. T. Sulaiman. Some extension of Hardy-Hilbert's integral inequality. 159-167
18. B. Tewari. On generalized Lagrange spaces and corresponding Lagrange spaces
arising from a generalized Finsler space.
19. B. B. Waphare. Characterization of the Besov-Hankel Type Spaces. 177-186
20. B. B. Waphare. The Pseudo-differential type operator and Hankel Type Transformation
associated with Bessel Type operator.

CONTENT of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 75, Nos. 1 - 4 (2008):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. Pawan K. Jain and Suket Kumar Generalized Discrete Hardy-Type Inequalities. 1 - 13
2. N. D. Soner, S. Ghobadi
and K. M. Yogeesha
The Nonsplit Edge Domination Number of a Graph. 15 - 20
3. Wuyungaowa and Tianming Wang Asymptotic Expansions For Inverse Moments of Binomial Distribution. 21 - 28
4. Vishnu Gupta and J N Chaudhary A Note on Homomorphism of Semirings. 29-35
5. Sanjay Jain and Adarsh Mangal Extended Gauss Elimination Technique for Integer Solution of
a Linear Fractional Programming.
6. S. S. Khare Span of Milnor Manifolds 47-57
7. Novriana Sumarti and J. R. Cash Implicit Interpolation in the Solution of Stiff Two-point
Boundary Value Problems using Lobatto Formulae.
8. Y. M. Borse and B. N. Waphare Vertex Disjoint Non-Separating Cycles in Graphs. 75-92
9. B. L. Ghodadra On the Magnitude of Vilenkin Fourier Coefficients. 93-104
10. Seema Mehra and Renu Chugh Fixed Points in Institutionistic Generalized Fuzzy Metric Space
Through Semi-compatibility
11. G. Das, B. K. Ray and
K. M. Sahu
Almost Convergence of Fourier Series 125-132
12. Sanghmitra Beuria, G. Das
and B. K. Ray
On the |z, Alpha, Beta| summability of successively derived
Fourier Series and its Conjugate Series.
13. N. S. Bhave, B. Y. Bam
and C. M. Deshpande
A Characterization of Degree Sequences of Linear Hypergraphs. 151-160
14. S. K. Kaushik, Ghanshyam Singh
and Virender
On Stability of Frames in Conjugate Banach Spaces. 161-172
15. K. R. Vasuki On Certain Ramanujan-Weber Type Modular Equations. 173-192
16. Claudia F. R. Concordido and
Dinamerico P. Pombo Jr.
On Exact Diagrams of Linear Mappings between Spaces of Normal Series. 193-201

CONTENT of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. ( The Special Volume on the Occasion of the Centenary year of IMS ) 1907 - 2007. (2007):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
01. Shreeram S. Abhyankar Newton's Theorem. 001 - 009
02. A. K. Agarwal and M. Rana Two new Combinatorial Interpretations of a Fifth order Mock Theta Function. 011-024
03. Remy Y. Dennis, S. N. Singh
and S. P. Singh
On Hypergeometric Functions and Ramanujan's Continued Fractions. 025-050
04. A. Anthony Eldred and
P. Veeramani
On Best Proximity Pair Solutions with Applications to Differential Equations. 051-062
05. M. Hartl, R. Mikhailov
and I. B. S. Passi
Dimension Quotients. 063-107
06. Robert E. Jemison A Conflict-Tolerance Paradigm for Representations of Graphs. 109-129
07. D. V. Pai Continuity of the Restricted Center Multifunction. 131-148
08. Ken Ono Lehmer's Conjecture on Ramanujan's Tau-Function. 149-163
09. Satya Deo and David Gauld Eventually Constant Spaces and Nonmetrizable Homology Speres. 165-175
10. K. Varadarajan IBN and related properties for Rings and their analogues for Modules. 177-194

CONTENT of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 74, Nos. 3 - 4, July - December, (2007):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
01. Hongmei Liu and Tianming Wang Some Identities of the Rogers-Ramanujan-Baily Type. 125 - 131
02. Akhilesh Prasad. Multiplication of Pseudo-Differential Operators involving Hankel convolution. 133-145
03. G. P. Tripathi and Nanda Lal Thin Composition Operators and Compact differences of Operators on l^2. 147-154
04. K. K. Rai Composition operators on l^2 satisfying the
Daugavet equation and Norm equation
05. S. S. Bhoosnurmath
and A. J. Patil.
On the Growth and Value distribution of Meromorphic Functions
and their Differential Polynomials.
06. M. M. Shikare, H. Azanchiler and
B. N. Waphare.
The Cocircuits of Splitting Matroids. 185-202
07. O. Ratnabala Devi. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Near-Rings and its Proprties. 203-219
08. P. Dheena and B. Elavarsan Prime Bi-Ideals in Ternary Semiring. 221-227
09. G. S. Saluja. Strong Convergence of Finite family with errors for Non-Lipschitzian Mappings. 229-240

CONTENT of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 74, Nos. 1 - 2, January - June, (2007):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
01. R. P. Pant and
V. P. Pande
On a Theorem of Weakly Compatible Maps in Metric Spaces 001 - 004
02. Nand Lal and
Kamlesh Kumar Rai
Spectrum of Certain Non-surjective Composition Operators on l2 005-011
03. Vyomesh Pant Common Fixed Points in Fuzzy Metric Space 013-017
04. Vyomesh Pant Generalization of Meir- Keeler type Fixed Point Theorems
for Sequences of Maps
05. S. Jain, V. K. Jain
and A. Verma
Some Quadratic and Cubic Summation Formulae 025-036
06. P. Dheena and A. Sudha Regularity on po-Gamma Semigroups
and its multipliers
07. Satya Prakash Singh Certain Results involving Lambert Series and
Continued Fractions-II
08. M. P. Wasadikar A Structure Theorem for Complete Infinitely Distributive
Atomistic Lattices
09. Sarjoo Prasad Yadav Some Lebesgue Subspaces Approximable by
Jacobi Polynomials
10. V. K. Jain Generalizations of Certain Results on the
Zeros of Certain Composite Polynomials
11. Deshna Loonker and
P. K. Banerjee
Mellin Transform of Fractional Integrals
for integrable Boehmians
12. Remy Y. Dennis, S. N. Singh
and S. P. Singh
On Proof of Certain Theta Function Identities of Ramanujan 091-103
13. Remy Y. Dennis, S. N. Singh
and S. P. Singh
On Certain Transformations involving Truncated q-Series 105-114
14. Dennis Nemzer Paley-Wiener Theorems for Trigonometric Series 115-123

CONTENT of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 73, Nos. 3 - 4 (2006):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
16. R. Y. Denis, S. N. Singh
and S. P. Singh
On Certain Elliptic Integrals of Ramanujan 113 - 119
17. R. P. Pant Fixed Point Theorems and Divisibility of Polynomials 121-130
18. K. R. Vasuki On some of Ramanujan's P-Q Modular Equations 131-143
19. Hongmei Liu
and Tianming Wang
Some New Rogers - Ramanujan Type Identities 145-151
20. Akhilesh Prasad Pseudo Differential Operator Involving
Hankel Translation and Hankel Convolution
of some Gevrey Spaces
21. Satish Bhatnagar The Algebra Ap(I,X) with Order Convolution
and its multipliers
22. S. S. Bhooshnurmath
and Anupama J. Patil
Exceptional Values of Meromorphic
Functions and their Differential
23. Satya Deo and
J. K. Maitra
Hilbert series of Free Spline Modules 53-64
24. Sejal Shah and
T. K. Das
On Absolutes of Nearly Hausdorff Speces 213-219
25. A. K. Singh and
U. C. Gupta
On Sasakian Concircular Recurrent Spaces
of Second Order
26. Anil Kumar Pathak A Birkhoff Interpolation Problem on the
Unit Circle in the Complex Plane
27. R. S. Pathak and
C. P. Pandey
The Wavelet Transform in a Generalized Sobolev Spaces 235-247
28. R. D. Giri and
P. B. Bahatkar
Three Theorems on Commutativity of
s-Unital Rings

CONTENT of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 73, Nos. 1 - 2 (2006):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. M. S. N. Murty and
B. V. Apparao
Two point Boundary Value Problems for Matrix Differential Equations 01 - 07
2. Z. Husain Mixed Symmetric Duality for Nonlinear Programs with Invexity 09-15
3. Sarjoo Prasad Yadav Approximation of some Lebesgue Functions by Wavelets 17-23
4. R. G. Vyas Order of Magnitudes of Fourier Coefficients of Functions of ABV(p) and phiABV 25-30
5. Deshna Loonkar and P. K. Banerji Plancherel Theorem for Wavelet Transform for Vector valued Functions and Boehmians 31-39
6. P. Dheena and
D. Shivkumar
BL-Regular Near Rings 41-45
7. D. R. K. Reddy and
R. Lakshun Naidu
A Plane Symmetric Zeldovich Universe in Lyra Manifold 47-51
8. S. B. Gaikwad and
M. S. Choudhary
Fractional Fourier Transforms of Ultra Boehmians 53-64
9. Vyomesh Pant Common fixed points of R-Weakly Commuting Maps of Type (Ag) 65-70
10. R. K. Yadav and
Balraj Singh
On the q-Bedient's Polynomials and their Generating Relations 71-76
11. Vakeel A. Khan Some Illusion Relations between the sequence spaces defined by sequence of Moduli 77-81
12. P. K. Banerji and
S. K. Q. Al-Omari
Distributional Generalized Convolution Transform of Compact Support 83-87
13. R. P. Pant Dynamics of Functions and Divisibility of Polynomials 89-96
14. V. Karunakaran and
K. Bhuwaneswari
Distortion of Lengths under Conformal Maps 97-105
15. Deshna Loonkar, P. K. Banerji
and S.M. Tripathi
Distributional Mellin Transform for Cauchy Integral Equation 107-111

CONTENT of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 72, Nos. 1 - 4 (2005):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. Hisatoshi Ikai On Lipschitz’ Lifting of the Cayley Transform 1 - 12
2. K. Ramachandra,
A. Sankaranarayanan
and K. Srinivas
Notes on Prime Number Theorem-II 13 - 18
3. S.V.R. Naidu Fixed Point Theorems for Sequences of Self-maps
on a Metric Space by Altering Distances
19 - 41
4. Chi-Ming Chen G-KKM Theorem on Non-convex Sets and Its applications 43-51
5. S.K. Nimbhorkar
and M.P. Wasadikar
n-Normal Join-semilattices 53-57
6. R. Roopkumar Multiplication of Boehmians 59-66
7. Sudarsan Nanda Convexity and Generalized Convexity of Composite Functions 67-74
8. Satya Deo and
Veerendra Vikram Awasthi
Strongly Contractible Polyhedra Which Are Not
Simply Contractible at n Points for Any n=2
9. Ruchi Das On G-Expansive Homeomorphisms and generators 83-89
10. Ekta Shah Positively Expansive Maps on G-Spaces 91-97
11. S. Arumugam and
J. Suresh Suseela
Geodesic Graphoidal Covering Number of a Graph 99-106
12. J.K. Kohli and
Sachin Vashistha
A Common Fixed Point Theorem in Metric Spaces 107-114
13. S. Bhargava, K.R. Vasuki
and B.R. Srivatsa Kumar
Evaluations of Ramanujan-Weber Class Invariant gn* 115-127
14. Arti Bansal
and Nidhi Bansal
Note on a Paper of Sharma and Kumar 129-130
15. Renu Chugh and Savita Rathi Weakly Compatible Maps in Probabilistic Metric Spaces 131-140
16. V.K. Jain Certain Sharp Inequalities for Polynomial .... 141-145
17. A. Chattopadhyay, S. Das,
V.K. Jain and H. Konwar
Certain Generalizations of Enestom-Kakeya Theorem 147-156
18. P. Dheena and
D. Sivakumar
Nc-Pure Regular Near-Rings 157-161
19. Talky Bhattacharjee Group-theoretic Origins of Some Generating Functions for LDx(z) 163-181
20. Ayten Pekin and Hulya Is Can Continued Fractions of Period Six and Explicit
Representations of Fundamental Units of Some Real Quadratic Fields.
21. S.S. Khare On Bounding and Independence of Wall Manifolds 195-201
22. D.R. Sahu, M. Imdadi
and Santosh Kumar
Fixed Point Iteration Process for Nonlipschitzian
Nearly Nonexpansive Mappings
23. Sanjay Kumar and Nand Lal Polynomial Compactness of Derivations of the form
“Normal Plus Compact”
24. Nand Lal and
Gyan Prakash Tripathi
Composition Operators on l2 of the form “Normal Plus Compact” 221-226
25. G.M. Deheri l(P;IN)-Nuclear Spaces and Nuclear Spaces with Bases
and Their Topological Identification with Kothe Spaces
26. R.P. Pant A Comparison of Contractive Definitions 241-249

CONTENT of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 71, Nos. 1 - 4 (2004):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. J. Dikshit Pal-type Interpolation on Nonuniformly
Distributed Points
1 - 12
2. N.K. Thakare, M.M. Pawar
and B.N. Waphare
Modular Pairs, Standard Elements, Neutral Elements
and Related Results in Partially Order Sets
13 - 53
3. C.S. Manjarekar and
Nitin S. Chavan
An Element Primary to Another Element 55 - 60
4. P.K. Banerji, M.G. Binsaad
and F.B.F. Mohsen
Application of N-fractional Calculus
to Obtain Generating Functions
5. V.K. Jain Refinements of Certain Results on
Location of Zeros of Polynomials
6. B.I. Dave and
Manisha Dalbhide
q-Analogue of an Extended Jacobi
Polynomail and Its Properties
7. Manprit Kaur and
Arun Kumar
Complex Cubic Spline Interpolation 85 - 92
8. G.M. Deheri Lemda one alpha x bases and
Lemda one alpha nuclearity
9. Vyomesh Pant and
K. Jha
On Discontinuity and Fixed Points 103 - 107
10. Remy Y. Denis, S.N. Singh
and S.P. Singh
Certain Transformations Involving Poly-basic Hypergeometric Series 109-117
11. T. Tamizh Chelvam
and N. Meenakumari
B-regular gamma-Near-rings and Bi-ideals 119-124
12. Nandlal and
Pradeep Kumar
Spectrum of Certain unbounded
Composition Transformations in el 2
13. G. Murugusundarammoorthy
and K. Vijaya
On Certain Subclass of Starlike Functions
with Two Fixed Points
14. J.K. Srivastava Kothe-Toeplitz and Topological Dueals of Spaces
of Strongly Summable Vector Sequences
15. S.V.R. Naidu Fixed Point Theorems for Four Self-maps on
a Metric Space by Altering Distances
16. N. Parhi and R.N. Rath Oscillation of Solutions of a Class of
First Order Neutral Differential Equations
17. D.R.K. Reddy On Einstein-Rosen Vacuum in a
Scalar-Tensor Theory of Gravitation
18. Vivek Sahai and
Shalini Srivastava
On Models of Lie Algebra G(0,1)
and Euler Integral Transformation
19. N.S. Bhave and
C.M. Deshpande
Range of Diameters of a Bipartite Graph and
Its Generalized 2-Partite Internal Complement
20. B. Janakiram, N.D. Soner
and M.A. Davis
Complementary Acyclic Domination in Graphs 221-226
21. Sudarsan Nanda Almost Continuity and Almost Compactness 227-232
22. S.B. Joshi and P.K. Banerji Inequalities for Multivalent Functions Defined by
Ruscheweyh Derivative
23. R.P. Pant Non-expansive Mappings and Meir-Keller Type Conditions 239-244
24. Mamta Das On Toeplitz-like Operators in El eh 2 245-252

CONTENT of the Journal of the Indian Math. Soc. Vol. 70, Nos. 1 - 4 (2003):

Sr. No. Author Title of the Paper Pages
1. D.V. Pai On Well-Posedness of Some Problems in Approximation 1 - 16
2. A.K. Agarwal An Extension of Euler’s Theorem 17-24
3. P.K. Banerji and
G.M. Shenan
Applications of Fractional Derivative to Study the Mapping Properties
of Starlike Functions and the Convexity of Analytic Functions-II
4. Feng-Zhen Zhao
and Tianming Wang
Notes on Some Rogers-Ramanujan Type Identities 33-39
5. S.S. Rana, Y.P. Dubey a
nd P. Gupta
Convergence of Deficient Quintic Spline Interpolation 41-48
6. Hasan Kara and
Vatan Karakaya
On Some New Sequence Spaces Involving Invariant Means 49-55
7. R.P. Pant, K. Jha
and A.B. Lohani
Generalization of a Meir-Keeler Type Fixed Point Theorem 57-65
8. Stevo Stevic A Note on Isolation Amongst the Composition
Operators of the Generalized Weighted Bergman Spaces
9. Vivek Sahai and
Shalini Srivastava
On Models of q-representations of sl (2,C)
and q-Euler Integral Transformation
10. K.R. Vasuki and
K. Shivashankara
Some New Values for the Rogers-Ramanujan Continued Fraction 87-95
11. M. Imdad and
Santosh Kumar
Common Fixed Point Theorems for
Four Nonself-Mappings
12. N.D. Chakraborty,
M. Sahu and B. Sen
Pettis-type Spaces for a Bounded Family of Measures. 111-119
13. M.S. Mahadeva
P-Q Eta-function Identities and Computation of
Ramanujan-Weber Class Invariants
14. R.P. Pant Fixed Point Theorems and Dynamics of Functions 135-143
15. R.S. Pathak and
S.M. Tripathi
A Class of Pseudo-Differential Opeators
Involving Hankel Convolutions
16. R.P. Pant, Vyomesh Pant
and A.B. Lohani
Reciprocal Continuity and Common Fixed Points 157-167
17. Renu Chugh and
Sanjay Kumar
Minimal Commutativity and Common Fixed Pointa 169-177
18. V.K. Jain On Maximum Modulus of Polynomials with
Zeros in the Closed Exterior of a Circle
19. Renu Chugh and Savita Common Fixed Points of Four R-Weakly Commuting Mappings 185-189
20. N.D. Soner, B. Chaluvaraju
and B. Janakiram
The Double Global Domination Number of a Graph 191-195
21. P. Dheena and
K. Karthy
On Regular Iaminated Near-Rings 197-201
22. S.S. Pujar A Note on Lorenzian Para Sasakian Manifolds with
an LP Contact non-Metric Quarter Symmetric-Connection
23. V.K. Jain On the Zeros of a Polynomial 209-213
24. Stevo Stevic Composition Operators on the Generalized
Bergman Space
25. Taddesse Zegeye and
S.C. Arora
Spectrum of the Compression of a Slant
Toeplitz Operator
26. N.K. Thakare, S. Maeda
and B.N. Waphare
Modular Pairs, Covering Property and
Related Results in Posets
27. Vishnu Gupta Commutativity of Rings Satisfying
a Polynomial Identity