Periodicals published by the Society:
The Indian Mathematical Society publishes two periodicals:

The Jourmal of the Indian Mathematical Society
( J. Ind. Math. Soc., JIMS; the Journal ; ISSN 0019-5839 )


The Mathematics Student (Math Student)
( Math Student ; ISSN 0025-5742 )

both of which are quarterly. The four numbers of each periodical constitute a single volume and it is published in two parts: numbers 1 and 2 (January to June) as one part and numbers 3 and 4 (July to December) as the second part.

Publication ethics:
Authors submitting a research paper/article for publication in both the periodicals must know that while submitting the article for publication in any of the two periodicals they have to also give an undertaking, concerning publication ethics, malpractice, plagiarism and copyright , as per the Declaration form. For this, they should download the Declaration form, fill in the details sought, put in their signatures and then a scanned copy of it be sent as attachment to the respective Editor-in-Chief on their e-mail address alongwith the manuscript .

It may also be noted by all concerned that

(i) No charges:
There are no page charges or any other charges, either to the authors or to authors' institutions, for publication of an article in any of the two periodicals published by the Society.

However, if author(s) whose paper is accepted for publication in any of the IMS periodicals is (are) unable to provide the required LaTeX source file of the accepted paper, then a charge Rs. 100 (US $ 10) per page will be levied for LaTex typesetting charges.

(ii) Peer review:
Right from its begining, both the periodicals are peer reviewed and are indexed in MathSciNet (MR) and ZentralBlatt MATH - the biggest data bases of Mathematical Sciences in the world.

Each and every article received for publication is peer reviewed/evaluated by a relevant discipline expert from the Editorial Board or from the academic institutes from India & abroad; and the acceptance of the article is strictly as per their recommendation.

(iii) Copyright:
Copy right of the articles published in the Student or the Journal lies with the Indian Mathematical Society.

(iv). Reprints:
As a part of the green iniative voluntarily embraced by the Society, henceforth, from the 2012 issues onwards, authors of the papers printed in the Journal as well as in the Mathematics Student shall be entitled to receive a soft copy (PDF file with watermarked "Author's copy") of the paper published as a reprint (insteard of the hard copies that were being supplied earlier).

It may be noted with great pride that

The 1911 volume of the Journal contains the earliest contributions of the great legendry mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. They were in the form of questions. Interestingly, a fifteen paper entitled “Some properties of Bernoulli Numbers” contributed by Ramanujan also appeared in the same 1911 volume of the Journal. He in fact, published 12 of his research papers in the Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society .

S. S. Pillai, another brilliant Indian mathematician, who almost solved the famous "Warring Problem", published 23 of his research papers in the Journal of Indian Mathemtical Society and 8 papers in the Mathematics Student .