The I M S Library:

R. P. Paranjpye

The Library of the Indian Mathematical Society was started in 1907 at the Fergusson College, Poona (Pune) with Wrangler Principal R. P. Paranjpye as its First Librarian who served in this capacity from 1907 to 1922.

In 1950 the Library was shifted to Madras (Chennai) and is now housed in the Campus of the Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Madras, Chennai: 600 005, Tamil Nadu, where it continues to be located at present.

The Library receives many journals on Exchange basis and has a rich collection of back numbers of reputed mathematical journals received from all over the world. The complete IMS Library Catalogue of the back volumes of all the periodicals published by the Society as well as those received in exchange by the Society and available in the IMS Library, Chennai, is now displayed on IMS website

The Library provides useful service to the members of the Society and the mathematical community in general by mailing Books/Journals/ scanned-copies of the articles on request to the members of the Society and the mathematical community all over the world.

There is a spate of request for scanned copies of articles published in these journals and the Library attends to these demands promptly. If a particular journal is not available in the IMS Library, the scholars/students are requested to contact other Libraries where it is likely to be available providing them with the addresses of those Libraries.

Here is the Succession List of the Librarians of The Indian Mathematical Society:

Sr.No. The IMS Librarian Year
1 R. P. Paranjpye. 1907-1922
2 V. B. Naik. 1922-1936
3 R. P. Shintre. 1936-1944
4 D. D. Kosambi. 1944-1950
5 T. Vijayaraghavan. 1950-1955
6 C. T. Rajagopal. 1955-1970
7 T. S. Bhanumurthy. 1970-1986
8 V. K. Balchandran. 1986-1988
9 K. S. Padmanabhan. 1988-2002
10 S. Parvati. 2002-2007
11 K. Parthasarathy. 2008 - April 30, 2011.
12 V Thangraj. May 01, 2011 till June 30, 2012
13 Premalatha Kumaresan. July 01, 2012 till June 30, 2015
14 R. Sahadevan. July 01, 2015 till June 30, 2016
15 G. P. Youvaraj. July 01, 2016 till June 30, 2018
16 Sushma Agrawal. July 01, 2018 onwards
For further information, Prof. Sushma Agrawal , The Honorary Librarian, IMS, can be contacted at the following address:

Prof. Sushma Agrawal,
Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics
University of Madras
Chennai-600 005, Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: 04425360357