Contents of the old issues of Mathematics Student
(avai1lable in IMS Library at Chennai: 1941-45, 1949-1998):
The Indian Mathematical Society publishes two periodicals:

The Jourmal of the Indian Mathematical Society
( J. Ind. Math. Soc., JIMS; the Journal ; ISSN 0019-5839 )


The Mathematics Student (Math Student)
( Math Student ; ISSN 0025-5742 )

both of which are quarterly. As on today the four numbers of both the peridicals constitute a single volume and are published in two parts: numbers 1 and 2 (January to June) as one part and numbers 3 and 4 (July to December) as the second part. In the past for several years the four numbers were published as a single yearly volume.

The Society does not charge page charges or any other charges to authors or their institutions for publication of an article in any of its two periodicals.

Right from its begining, both the periodicals are peer reviewed research journals and are indexed in MathSciNet (MR) and ZentralBlatt MATH - the biggest data bases of Mathematical Sciences in the world.
The publication activity of the Society started right from its establishment in 1907, initially publishing Progress Reports. The first Progress Report was published on September 1, 1907 and the second Progress Report was published on October 15, 1907. By December 1908, the Society had published 8 Progress Reports. In March 1908 a sub-committee was appointed to take steps for publication of a Journal and from 1909, the Progress reports were rechristened as Journal, under the title 'The Jourmal of the Indian Mathematical Club, the First issue appeared in February, 1909 . The title was then changed to its present title as 'The Jourmal of the Indian Mathematical Society and since then the journal appeared regularly every two months till 1933.. The Mathematics Student ( ISSN 0025-5742 )

At the time of the silver jubilee celebrations of the Society on the occasion of completion of twenty five years of existence of the Indian Mathematical Society in 1932, it was decided to start the publication of another periodical and accordingly the Society started in 1933 a new periodical, named The Mathematics Student, with A. Narasinga Rao as its first Editor who worked as the founder editor almost single-handed with great devotion for eighteen years (1933-1950)and placed it on a firm footing.

It may be noted with great pride that

A conference, first of its kind in Asia, entitled "South Asian Conference on Mathematical Education" under the directorship of K. Chandrasekharan was held at TIFR, Bombay during Feb, 1956 in which mathematicians like M. H. Stone, G . Choquet, H. Freudenthal and a host of other world mathematicians participated. The entire Proceedings of the conference has been published in the Mathematics Student Vol 54 (1956).

For the benefit of the readers, the contents of the old volumes (1941 to 1998) available in the IMS Library at Chennai is displayed herewith ( refer the respective sublink under the link "Old MS-Contents").

Unfortunately, one can observe from the images taken that many of the issues are in bad shape. The Society intends to digitize all the available volumes.