The Award of Six IMS Prizes .
The Six IMS Prizes are awarded to the best research paper presented, one each in each of
the following six groups of research areas.

1. IMS Prize : Group - 1. : Discrete Mathematics (Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Posets), Lattice Theory, Set Theory, Logic, Number Theory and related areas. .

2. IMS Prize : Group - 2. : Algebraic Geometry, Geometry, Topology, Algebraic Topology and related areas.

3. IMS Prize : Group - 3. : Measure Theory, Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes, and related areas.

4. IMS Prize : Group - 4. : Differential / Integral / Functional equations and inequalities, Special Functions, Numerical Analysis and related areas.

5. IMS Prize : Group - 5. : Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory, Magneto-Hydrodynamics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Relativity and related areas.

6. IMS Prize : Group - 6. : Operations Research, Optimization, Computational Mathematics, Information Technology, Biomathematics, History of Mathematics and related areas.

For the award of these eight prizes, FOLLOWING CONDITIONS APPLY:

1. The candidate must be a member of the Society for being eligible for the award of any of the above Prizes.

2. The upper age limit of a candidate for any of the above awards for a particular year is 40 years as on December 31 of that year.

3. (a) The paper to be presented for the competition has to be under single authorship.

(b) The author is required to give a declaration that the work is unpublished and has not been submitted for competition anywhere else. In case of research scholars, the supervisor should verify that the work has been carried out independently.

(c) Independent work at the post-doctoral level is preferred.

(d) The work must have been carried out in India.

(e) Stress will be on both, quality of research as well as performance during the presentation.

Note : One who is already awarded a prize in a certain area in the past is not expected to participate in the competition for the prize in the same area .

All the Heads of the Departments/ Institutions and the Research Supervisors are earnestly requested to encourage their research workers for participation in this competition.

The Proceedure to participate:

Authors intending to present a paper for the award of any of the above eight prizes must

1. submit (i) an Application (covering letter), (ii) a soft .pdf file of the full paper, (iii) the abstract (not exceeding 250 words) in its electronic version (.pdf format) and (iv) the proof of the age so as to reach the Academic Secretary on the e-mail address
not later than June 30 of the corresponding year.

indicate the name of the prize as also the Area and the group in which the paper is intended to be presented at the top of the soft copy of the paper and the abstract.

3. append to the soft copy of the paper a copy of the latest c.v. including full name, address, research experience, list of publications, along with the proof of their age < font color="blue" face="Arial" size=4> (scanned copy of the High School Leaving Certificate will do).
4. Candidate is required to bring two hard copies of the full paper at the venue of the conference for submitting in person to the Academic Secretary at the time of presentation.

Applications (covering letters), pdf files of papers with abstracts (not exceeding 250 words) and the proof of the age should be sent to

The Academic Secretary
The Indian Mathematical Society
on the e-mail address:

For further information or clarification in this regard, inquire with:

Professor Satya Deo
General Secretary, IMS,
Harish-Chandra Reasearch Institute
Chhatnag Rd., Jhusi, Allahabad-Allahabad-211019, India. ; URL: